RanchHauss Aussies
located in the Northwest U.S., at the base of the
Swan Mountains near Glacier National Park and the
Bob Marshall Wilderness in beautiful Bigfork, Montana
RanchHauss King Mufasa
Litter Sept 2016  (Cassie x Echo)
He is AMAZING, Tanya! Everything you told us and more! Such a gentle spirit and well behaved puppy... very smart, eager to please and handsome with his perfect markings. He's stole our hearts and Reba absolutely loves him, too.  And, boy, the work you had already done with him has made things so easy for us. We reinforce what you've taught him by practicing sit, paw, etc. each day and are working on adding a few more, as well. I'm so glad we found you and him... you're both fantastic! ~Barb Schacher~
RanchHauss Ziggy
Litter Sept 2016  (Cassie x Echo)
We hit the jackpot when we discovered Tanya and Ranchhauss Aussies.  We lost our 13 year old Border Collie Jeepers last February and finally decided we needed another puppy. I contacted Tanya through her website and she graciously allowed us to visit her home, meet Mama Cassie and checkout the environment where the puppies would be born and raised. I appreciated the fact that Tanya was interviewing us as worthy parents as much as we were appraising her as a Aussie breeder.

By the time we left we had put our name on the list for wanting a female Red Tri. Since last August Tanya has kept in touch with me, answered my texts and emails and provided pictures of puppies from the time they were born. She is fiercely protective of their health and well being.  She provides a fantastic place for them to thrive.  It became obvious early on that she devotes herself to socializing, loving and training her "babies" from day one.

We are now the very proud and happy owners of little Ziggy!  She is smart, funny, independent and incredibly sweet.  I would highly recommend RanchHauss Aussies to anyone who wants to open their home and heart to a new Aussie family member. You can't go wrong.

Ziggy is so wonderful. I have never seen a puppy so young fly so far or high!  She is an amazing little athlete!  We will somehow nurture that, I promise.  As it is today I did 2 miles walking and trotting through the woods with her and Sharon had about 2 also. We are a 24/7 team.  When she bolts, she stops and waits around the corner for me to catch her.  I can also holler No and she stops, turns and races back to me. I have to admit we cheated a little.....Sharon made some of her organic pumpkin doggie biscuits in tiny squares. But we hardly have to use them anymore. 

Life is good. Thanks again for keeping her for us!  She is amazing. We can bring her to visit in December if you'd like. Take care of yourself. I imagine you have a bit of empty nest syndrome going on.  There's another litter on the horizon. Take a break for yourself.     ~ Kris ~

RanchHauss "Charlotte" 
Litter February 2016  (Sasha x Camo)
From my first phone conversation with Tanya I knew we were in good hands.  She cares very much about each puppy and will make sure she finds the perfect home for them.  She has (and still) answered every question we had.  Charlotte is our first Aussie and we were so impressed by how much she had learned by 8-weeks of age when we took her home.  She has a great temperament and is a very people-loving dog.  She adores our 12-year old lab Denali and they get along well together.  Denali seems to get younger with Charlotte around.  

I would recommend RanchHauss Aussies to anyone looking for the perfect Australian Shepherd.  Tanya is an extremely knowledgeable and responsible breeder, on top of being an awesome lady.

We are so grateful to have Charlotte as part of her family.  Thank you Tanya! (7/8/16)

RanchHauss "Lucy" 
Litter February 2016  (Sasha x Camo)

At almost 6 months, Lucy is becoming a beautiful, smart young lady.  She has done very well in a couple of basic puppy/obedience classes and will start an agility class next week.  I couldn’t be more happy to have her and proud of the dog she is becoming.  She has been great with young grand kids, is not afraid of horses and is starting to think of her self as responsible for watching the house.  She is very outgoing with everyone, and does get concerned if she thinks something is amiss.  We still miss our previous Aussie, but Lucy has filled that emptiness and we are forever thankful to you for her.
Steve  (8-8-16)

"off leash she is doing really good with come, down & sit..." 5/25/16

"I was able to get Lucy to do a stay, come & down today with hand signals only, no voice." 6/1/16

"we progressed from puppy class to basic obedience.  She is the youngest & smartest one in the class.  She sleeps all night..."  6/22/16

RanchHauss Tucker 
Litter 2/28/16 (Sasha x Camo)

After losing our beloved Australian Shepherd we contacted Tanya at RanchHauss Aussies.  She was so kind to us & we were able to get an amazing little puppy five months ago!  Tucker was potty trained and was in a warm & loving environment when we picked him up.  Tanya really loves breeding her puppies & gave us all the information & tools we needed to care for Tucker.  She took all our calls after we brought him home & guided us through understanding the breed &  their behaviors.  We will always be grateful!  
~ Byron & April
RanchHauss "Sheba"
Litter December 2014 (Cassie x Sly)
RanchHauss Sheba
Litter December 2014 (Cassie x Sly)
RanchHauss Sheba
Litter December 2014 (Cassie x Sly)
We have had our RanchHauss Australian Shepard puppy, Sheba, home for 4 days now. Tanya Hauss and family obviously worked with her as she is very well adjusted. She took the 100 mile car ride well. Once home, she looked a little for her mom and siblings, but soon was prancing about, happy to explore her new home and play with us. She has a sweet temperament, a little saucy, likes to cuddle, she's a love. The next morning she was ecstatic, tearing around, very happy. Slept in her crate beside me, with only a little complaint the very first night, up only once. She is sleeping through the night ever since. She rings a bell to go out, mostly potty broke. Sheba is very smart, already will sit for a treat. Then she remains seated thinking already to control the treat-getting! Lots of pups take much longer to figure that out.
Tanya is a very caring breeder, she loves her puppies. They are healthy and very well-bred. Her knowledge of the Australian Shepard is great and she does her homework for the bloodlines for the health and temperament of her puppies. I feel blessed to have found her and that I have this beautiful and sweet puppy!
RanchHauss Ollie
Litter December 2014  (Cassie x Sly)

He has been a perfect fit for our family.  Very smart and very sweet!  Thank you

Ollie gets books read to him here!  He is SUCH an AMAZING guy!  Whatever you did with him plus his amazing personality has made him not short of perfect for us and so stinkin smart!
RanchHauss "LEVI" 
Litter November 2012  (Honey x Levi)

I feel honored to write this testimonial for RanchHauss Aussies. My family and I purchased a puppy from RanchHauss Aussies in January, who we named Levi. We were pleasantly surprised at how well adjusted he had become to our family from the start. It was evident that Tanya and her family put so much love and affection into him that I convinced both my sister's to purchase a puppy from them as well. This has been an experience of a lifetime in sharing their growth, as we get together often and watch them play and interact with each other.  Camping trips with my sister, her family, and of course their puppy Logan, have become a big part of our family time with Levi. It has been such a wonderful experience that is cherished. I also get together with their other brother, Loki, as we take walks together in the park. I am so thankful to get to know Tanya as we talk about the puppies and other wonderful things... I have told her that her raising these pups are a blessing to the ones that buy them for it is wonderful to get a puppy that is nurtured in such a way that they are confident and have so much love to give. Thank You from the bottom of my heart, Tanya, for what you do and hopefully what you'll continue to do in the future.

~ Rebekah Smith ~  Ohio

Just wanted to say that I'm in love with Levi. He has been the best, sweetest, most wonderful dog we have ever had. I love how excited he get's when he greets us and he loves to cuddle. I don't think there is a mean bone in his body. I love him love him love him!!! He makes my heart melt in so many ways. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! 
RanchHauss "Cody"  
Litter 2011  (Honey x Sly)
My husband and I recently purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy from RanchHauss Aussies and it has been a wonderful experience!  Our new puppy "Cody" is more than we expected.  

He is very healthy, extremely well socialized and confident.  The love and attention Tanya and her family give to their puppies, combined with their nurturing environment is more than apparent. 

When we took Cody home at 7+ weeks old, he already new his name and was well on his way to being housebroken.  Cody is now 8-1/2 weeks old, understands "come, sit" and will whimper at the door to go potty!  He is an amazing puppy and we are so pleased. 

He draws attention from everyone, especially Aussie owners who have commented on his excellent conformation and wonderful disposition.  Tanya and her family were available to show us the puppies on our schedule and their kennel is neat and clean with their dogs and puppies best interest number one! 

At Cody's first check-up, the vet smiled and said "He's a keeper!"  In time, Cody will be helping with our cattle and goat ranch operations at Lost Prairie Farm. 

We would recommend RanchHauss Aussies to anyone looking for a quality Australian Shepherd to add to their family.

~Don and Ann Becker
~ Montana
Just wanted to let you know Cody is doing great and growing like a weed!  He weighed 18.7 lbs. Dec. 3rd when he got his second boosters at the vet.

I shared your web address with a vet tech at the vet's office who said they have a client looking for an Aussie.
Cody turns heads everywhere we go.  He is such handsome boy!  :) Here are a few pics from today.  He just LOVES his belly rubbed!

Warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

Donald & Ann Marie Becker
Lost Prairie Farm, LLC
2865 Lower Lost Prairie Rd
Marion, MT 59925

Registered Purebred & ShorthornPlus Shorthorn Cattle Registered Fullblood & Percentage Boer Goats
Cody is such a happy boy!  Great temperament and so, so smart.  He absolutely loves music and people singing, he always runs to the TV to watch and listen.  His favorites are Irish music and The Who.

Thanks again!


RanchHauss "Millie" 
Litter September 2011  (Honey x Sly)
I wanted you to know that each day that goes by we love her a little more.  You can see she really makes an effort to fit into the family.  Many of the things we do are routine and she has been very quick to pick up on them.  On the other hand she recognizes when things are not going the way they are supposed to. 

As a side effect Lizzie is much happier with a sidekick.  They play outside until they are tired of being outside dogs then come and sit on the porch waiting to be let in.  I have had to increase Lizzies meals as she was starting to lose weight from all the additional running. 

Linda and I both think you should be a poster child for what good dog breeders should be.  All of the pups looked great and demonstrated an affinity for people that doesn't happen when there isn't a lot of hands on time and dedication.
We would be happy to direct any Aussie capable persons looking for a superior Aussie to you.  Best wishes for your continued success.
Best Regards
~Bill & Linda Sauer~

Yes, she is beautiful.  And best of all she is very, very smart and very loving as well. 7-30-13

RanchHauss "JAKE" 
Litter September 2011  (Honey x Sly)

Jake (Casanova) has been with us 4 weeks today. As I am writing this he is laying at my feet.  His loving, loyal, alert, intelligent and playful presence have filled our lives. He sleeps locked in a crate at night and also has a crate in the backseat of truck he stays in when needed. 

We both work in our office and he works with us. He is not allowed to touch our clients unless they want to pet him.  Lying quiet on his blanket, playing with bones and chew toys, he watches everything that happens with alert curiosity. 

In less than two days he learned to walk on a leash, sit, lie down, stay and come.  Jake is now very proficient with all these commands.

He stays around the house and ventures in the pasture when the horses are not close.  Jake licks them on the nose when we do the close up greeting with our horse family.  When I am working with the horses he has learned to stay back behind the fence line in the pasture and barnyard.  He loves to follow us through all the horse activities and life.

Stay back and load up are the new commands he is learning. Having a new puppy is a commitment of time, love, caring, discipline and training. We could not have picked a better puppy breed or puppy.


Thank you Ranchhauss Aussies.

Thank you again for all your help and assistance with our new puppy.


Keena Dumont

~Terry and Keena DuMont~ Montana

Jake's 3rd Birthday 9-18-14 and his message to me:

"Hi Mom, Thanks for making my birthday possible and for making sure I have such a great home with people that love and care for me very much.  Love and miss you always, Jake!"

RanchHauss Nitro 
Litter May 2014  (Cassie x Levi)
Nitro is our first Australian Shepherd and we couldn't be happier with him! It was obvious from the day he arrived how much love and attention he had received from Tanya and her family. 

He was a dream to housebreak and has a wonderful personality. We work with Greg Smith who adopted Levi from RanchHauss Aussies and it was their happiness with their dog that made us look into getting an Aussie of our own. 

I had been looking for a dog to train for agility and thought an Aussie would be a perfect fit. Nitro has been a fun and confident dog to train and we are enjoying our agility classes. 

Everyone comments about how handsome Nitro is, but what matters most to me is that he is such a friendly outgoing dog. Our 2 year old granddaughter lives with us and he is wonderful with her. 

Tanya told me everything I needed to know in order to be successful with our first Aussie and it is comforting to know I can always contact her if we ever have any questions or concerns. 

I would definitely recommend RanchHauss Aussies to anyone looking for a new best friend. Thank you Tanya and family for placing Nitro with us.

August 2015

RanchHauss "Buddy" 
Litter December 2014  (Cassie x Sly)
Buddy is the BEST!  Him and Madison are playing and he loves his kennel.  Not a single accident!  Madison and Buddy are getting along.  I couldn't be happier with a dog.  Thanks Again!!!  Buddy is great.  He is much smarter than any lab I have ever had!!
RanchHauss Annie Oakley 
Litter 2012  (Honey x Levi)
When we got Annie, she was housebroken!  Also, Tanya worked very hard teaching Annie about stairs at my request. Annie Oakley is the most loving dog and learning to work with our cattle and doing very well.  Tanya's little invention, Puppy University (PU), did a tremendous job in teaching the puppies.  I know, and you can tell with my Annie, that all the puppies were extremely well socialized and very loving.  Annie LOVES people!  She is very quiet, not a barker or yapper, which I'm thankful for.  She barks when she needs to.  She is so beautiful... we get comments on her all the time - her coat is the prettiest.  We love her.

RanchHauss Aussies is the only dog breeder I've ever heard of or experienced that follows up after the sale of a puppy and the whole family even visited us to check on Annie and Dick and I to see how we were doing.  They truly love their puppies.

 I would only buy an Aussie from RanchHauss Aussies.  I strongly recommend RanchHauss Aussies!

If anyone would like a recommendation, please contact RanchHauss Aussies and I would be thrilled to speak with you.


RanchHauss "Mako Trix"
Litter November 2012  (Honey x Levi)
Mako in Scent Training Class
We LOVE Mako dearly, she is filled with and brings much 'joy' and everyone she meets falls in love with her, and of course, she is Collie's best buddy.  I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas; we thank you for the blessing of Mako in our lives.  

~ Take Care, Anne ~

Whidby Island, WA.    Dec 30, 2013

Hi Tanya and Family,
We just love Mako so much, she makes the family complete. All she meets adore her personality. I thought I would send some recent pictures. These pictures were  taken this past week at Noseworks Scenting class that Elliott and she have been attending. The first photo she is finding a hidden container on the rocking horse, and the second picture is of her after she finished finding all of the hidden containers in the room. Mako just loves her class and excels. Elliott is having a wonderful time working with her. We cannot thank you enough for having the opportunity to have Mako be a part of the family. Take Care, -Anne
RanchHauss "Blue"
Litter November 2012 (Honey x Levi)
Blue is on bottom right picture
RanchHauss "Blue"
Litter November 2012 (Honey x Levi)

Blue truly is a beautiful dog. You're right, he does have love in his eyes. He is very sweet and affectionate. My parents watched him for a couple of weeks while we were in Michigan and had a hard time giving him back.  Everybody that spends time with him falls in love. Thanks for giving us such a great dog!  ~Jessica~
Below is a .pdf of the Whitefish Pilot article on the Annual Wag Race to raise funds for their agility park.  Their picture of "Blue" and his family is on the bottom right.
Litter September 18, 2011  (Honey x Sly)
Jake, Rio, Cody & Millie
RanchHauss "Rio"
Litter September 18, 2011
(Honey x Sly)