Your new puppy is going to be a new FAMILY MEMBER so your choice is important and maybe the 
only Family Member

RanchHauss Aussies Deposit, payment & shipping information



In order to hold a puppy a deposit is required after an agreement is made. 

If the deposit is not received within a reasonable "agreed upon" time, the puppy may not be held.

The deposit is non-refundable.  However, in some cases, it can be applied to another puppy in the current or a future litter. 

Cash is due for final full payment upon pick up.  Payment in full must be received before transport/delivery will begin.


All puppies will be examined by a vet, up to date on vaccinations & wormed before going to new homes. Tails will be docked & dewclaws removed (unless requested within 3 days after whelping to keep tail on a particular puppy and then you are required to pay for puppy up front within 3 days of whelping). The litter will be registered AKC and/or ASCA.  You will receive an AKC Registration Application and/or ASCA Registration Application.  You will also receive our 'Puppy Packet' via email, which is a wealth of information about raising, training and caring for your puppy.  Suggestions for products are also included.


We can set you up with Sky Nannies, who will bring your puppy in-cabin to your nearest airport.  There are airline restrictions and guidelines to follow.  

You also have the option of flying to pick up your puppy and then you can fly back with your puppy in the cabin with you.  

We can also utilize ground transport to your front door.  

On some occasions we can deliver or we can ask other puppy buyers from your litter to assist in transporting.


I can ship, weather permitting, out of Glacier International or Bozeman Airport .  This depends on whether any airlines will provide cargo shipping.

There are restrictions for shipping a live animal:

*Animals must be at least 8 weeks of age.

*Shipping kennel or cage must meet standards for size, ventilation, strength and design. Animals must have enough room to stand up and turn around. Kennels must be equipped with one food and water cup. Kennels must be marked with shipper's name, address and phone number and pick-up person's name, address and phone number (if different from shipper), Live Animal Stickers should be applied to the kennel and the last time fed and watered indicated. Place newspaper or absorbent material on the bottom of the crate.

The cost is approximately $300-500, unless otherwise agreed upon or notified, to ship a puppy. This cost can vary due to the airfare rates which change periodically.  This approximate price includes the airfare for shipping the puppy, an airline approved crate and vet check/health papers for flight. Any other expenses or change in cost will be mutually agreed upon. The balance of the puppy & shipping costs are required before shipment of the puppy.  You also have the option of flying to pick up your puppy and then you can fly back with your puppy in the cabin with you, which is better for the puppy and may cost less.  

*RanchHauss Aussies will not ship International, except Canada.

   *Canada requires a Rabies shot at 3 months old.  *Check with Canadian Border to import/export.

*Canadian Border:  Canada requires a Rabies shot at 3 months old or you pay a fee at the border and  

  can get a shot in Canada and submit the paperwork for proof. 


If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to call or email.

Thank you.

Why do you Pay Less For a Puppy From a "Backyard Breeder"?

....the dam of the litter could have been purchased  from a local pet store and originally came from a puppy mill.  She was sick off and on the first year of her life due to too many different  types of intestinal parasites and malnutrition. The sire lives down the street and was purchased from an ad in the newspaper. Neither owner has ever heard of the AKC or ASCA written standard.
No testing has been done to insure high standard genetic quality. 
There is no pedigree for authenticity and lineage. The female is skittish and snappy.

The breeder is totally unaware of the genetic problems within the breed or does not care enough to test. Trips to the veterinarian, except for emergencies or maybe yearly shots, are considered too expensive. The breeders' hope is to make  money off the sale of the puppies. If he keeps expenses down, he can buy that new couch he's been wanting.

These puppies could have been born in a box, in the garage or a backyard kennel, and receive little care other than what the mother gives. To cut costs they are weaned, probably late, on generic dog food and allowed to nurse on the mother as long  as possible to keep food bills down. The bitch's health declines rapidly and some pups are weak and runty and will be unhealthy. Your chances of that puppy becoming ill or having serious issues are much higher.  No training, socialization, handling or love is given to each puppy.

These puppies are sold as quickly as possible because advertising and vaccines are expensive. They are sold without some or all shots, parasite checks, vet examinations, guarantees or  information of any kind. They are sold to anyone who has the cash.  Although the puppy is of very poor quality, it is sold with full breeding  rights.

So your not-so-expensive Australian Shepherd will now cost you a small fortune in vet bills and you may possibly have health issues for a lifetime, and that puppy will not be happy, healthy or live for very long and now you're invested financially and mostly your heart will be broken. and you have no recourse.  

If the market is not good, the breeder takes the leftover pups to the local pet shop or worse, and the puppy is now traumatized, put in an unhealthy, psychologically poor situation - and now they cost more to the next unsuspecting family.

This is very typical of what we see all too often.   If you're trying to save money on your new companion, please consider saving/adopting a puppy or dog and not buying from a breeder like this.  You will help stop so-called 'breeders' like this and save another dog's life, not create new ones that continue this cycle and you would save money and be assured of vaccinations, vet care and spay/neuter.   Of course when you adopt a dog you also need to know how to choose one well, that is right for you and your family/community.

Gain some knowledge on breeders, the Australian Shepherd breed and their genetic diseases.  If the breeder is not forthcoming with all the appropriate information you need up front, then you must ask the right questions and get proof.