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We breed only one or two times per year to maintain quality lines and
quality Aussie Puppies. 
 We raise Australian Shepherd Puppies in our home; not kennel raised in large quantities.  Each puppy is given clean surroundings, access to outdoors, lots of play time, socialization with people and other dogs with LOTS of love and attention.  Each Sire is chosen carefully to insure top quality lineage/background. All breeding Aussies are tested for genetic mutations/diseases specific to Aussies to reduce 
the chance of future issues for each puppy.

Your Aussie Puppy is also raised using methods to teach them there is a place to sleep (when to sleep), a place to eat and a place to eliminate so that when you receive your puppy it will be much easier for you to incorporate the same idea the way you need it to be and therefore your Aussie Puppy will be house broken or very close to it.  They get a head start on the entire concept. 

We incorporate specific toys, exercise and play to desensitize each puppy and make them strong, loving and confident, which helps them for a lifetime and reduces stress and anxiety issues.  We also have other adult females to help raise, play and teach the puppies as they grow.
To use this site, you can view each litter on their own page, which shows pictures of the puppies as well as their new owners.  (Please note when the next litter is due on the Home Page)
You can view the dam and sire of each litter and all info regarding them on their own page.   
 This Home Page is for you to see where we raise ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd Puppies
some familly photos, as well as our past/present livestock and other pets.
Please also note when looking for your puppy you can view the "Testimonials" page and also request references from previous owners.
Thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy all the pictures and background information.
If we do not have exactly what you are looking for or the timing is off, please contact us, we will keep your information for the next litter on our "Puppy List" or we may be able to refer you to another breeder.
Is an AUSSIE PUPPY right for you?

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS are herding dogs that work on farms and ranches herding and caring for livestock.  Aussies are also great family dogs, great companions and "babysitters" with a strong innate ability to herd, nurture and protect family members, family pets, livestock and property.

An Aussie needs to have a "job" and takes great pride in it and their own abilities.  They are very intelligent, energetic, and have to be a "member" of your family.  They need an owner that understands this and helps them to be what they are bred for and to reach their full potential where they will be the happiest and make their owners proud, which is what we strive to do in finding the right home for each individual puppy. 

They love people and children and will thrive as your new family member!

RanchHauss Cassie
Cassie and Sasha 7-5-14
RanchHauss Sasha Litte Bit of Honey 
RanchHauss Honey  8/2/2006 - 12/20/2013
Angel (3/2000-3/2014), our beloved Toy American Eskimo and Honey as a puppy!
RanchHauss Aussie Puppies from the past!
Family, our horses, pets and local wildlife!
Cashew - Wild Mustang we saved as a yearling!
Little Bit of Magic "Bit" - Reg Paint Quarter Horse
Peek-A-Blue "Peeks" - Wild Mustang we saved as a yearling!
Smokin, The Little Red Mustang - We saved at 4 years old!
Silver Fox - picture taken through our sliding glass door
Photography by Tanya L. Hauss