RanchHauss Aussies
located in the Northwest U.S., at the base of the
Swan Mountains near Glacier National Park and the
Bob Marshall Wilderness in beautiful Bigfork, Montana

Puppies Whelped 11/5/12 have all been placed in great homes!


We hope to keep track of each puppy and would love for the owners to keep us updated from time to time, so we can share and follow their progress and the families that own and love our puppies!



Scroll down to see each Puppy listed below with pictures for your review.  

            (there are some slideshows which may take time to upload)






Puppy #9.  Born 11/5/12 10:27pm.  BTM3 "Mr. Perfect"
Sold to Brittany and Pete, who have a beautiful baby girl and live on a very large working ranch here in Kalispell!!!  We may get to visit Mr. Perfect once in awhile :)  This couple is energetic and are looking forward to horseback riding with their heeler/aussie mix and now "Mr. Perfect."  He will get to hike and go camping and watch over Brittany, the baby, their livestock and property.  I know he is "perfect" for them!  WE WILL MISS HIM.
SLIDESHOW:  Puppy #7.  Born 11/5/12 9pm.  BBM1

SOLD RanchHauss "Loki" (Keenai) found a great home right next to his 2 brothers, "Levi" and "Logan" in Ohio. Three sisters now each have a puppy and plan on going to obedience school together, family camping trips, etc. The ladies have children and are stay-at-home moms! What a blessing for both the puppies and the families to all live, love and grow together! Couldn't be happier for these 3 puppies!
SLIDESHOW:  Puppy #1.  Born 11/5/12 4:16pm.  BTM1 "Chrome"

SOLD RanchHauss "Logan" (Chrome) found a great home right next to his brother, "Levi" in Ohio. It was a great reunion. Two sisters now each have a puppy and plan on going to obedience school together, family camping trips, etc. Both ladies have children and are stay-at-home moms! What a blessing for both the puppies and the families to all live, love and grow together!       LOVE THE FRECKLES!

Puppy #5.  Born 11/5/12 8:17pm.  BMM3 "Jack Sparrow"
SOLD to Kyle in Kentucky, who had an Aussie and had to let him stay with his Uncle while he left for training.  When he returned, the Uncle could not give up Kyle's best friend.  Kyle is extremely excited to get a new companion in "Jack Sparrow."  Kyle has acreage and some livestock in Kentucky.  We will really miss Jack Sparrow, he loves a strong game and will keep Kyle on his toes.

Puppy #3.  Born 11/5/12 7:41pm.  BMM1  "Camo"


SOLD to a local family in Whitefish, MT.  Chris, Jessica and 6 yr old Christian named this little guy, "Blue."  He has already taken their hearts and working on their home!  Great match.  Blue will get to go to the agility park in Whitefish, go hiking, grow up with Christian, and be completely spoiled by Jessica and Chris.

Puppy #10.  Born 11/5/12 12:15am.  BMF3 

SOLD:  She is smart and full of joy. We called her, Bundle of "JOY." She's going to an incredible family ranch on the ocean, Whidbey Island, WA where she will have cattle, Halflinger horses, chickens and a 9 yr old white German Shepherd to keep her company. She will be trained by a 13yr old young man who is proficient in scent training (tracking) and hoping he will find an interest in agility as well. We're excited for her and her new home. We know she'll be well trained and taken care of.  Her name is now "Mako Trix"  In Latin, Star of the Sea and Bringer of Joy.
Puppy #4.  Born 11/5/12 7:47pm.  BMM2 "LEVI"

SOLD 1/4/13  RanchHauss "LEVI."  I had an amazing conversation with Rebekah and her husband, Greg, who can't wait to bring this guy home. They have acreage in Ohio and have been missing their Aussie for a long time. Best dog they ever had... Rebekah also has 3 children with 1 little boy who needs a friend, one that only an Aussie can be! Greg is a firefighter and I'm thinking he would be great on calls with Greg to assist. Training for a fireman is a thought!

Puppy #2.  Born 11/5/12 6:12pm.  BTF1 

to a wonderful Couple in Belt, Montana who has already named this very smart puppy, Hanna.  RanchHauss "Hanna" will be a working dog and will help this couple with their horses and cattle.  She gets to travel the world with them and be a companion 24/7 in all their journeys or just stay home with their other Aussie.  She will be a snowbird and get to do a lot of hiking as well.
                          Aussie Lovers for sure!
Puppy #6.  Born 11/5/12 8:35pm.  BMF1 "BLUE"

   SOLD to a wonderful couple in Newport Beach, California,
to be a companion (hiking and biking) and learn obedience and agility together! She probably already has an agility course set up for her!
Puppy #8.  Born 11/5/12 10:11pm.  BMF2
 SOLD to a a Cattle Rancher as a working dog and companion.  This is now RanchHauss Annie Oakley and after meeting her new owners I know she will receive an incredible amount of love and training!  Annie will take care of their home, livestock and property for them.  She even has her own seat on the tractor especially made!

RanchHauss Annie Oakley sitting in "her" seat at 14 weeks!


She helps on the cattle ranch all day with Mr. Hillstrom and once in awhile gets a break and spends her time with Mrs. Hillstrom and keeps her very busy!  She has learned to care for their free range chickens and yet chase 'all' the wild turkeys off the property.  She is learning that the entire ranch, livestock, buildings, home and her owners are her responsibility to take care of.  She's doing a great job and learning fast!


Dick and Mary are completely in love and so very happy with their new addition to their family. 

We visited RanchHauss Annie Oakley and her family and took some pics to share!  She's already learning to be a cattle rancher's helping hand at 17 weeks. ENJOY!